How Can I Keep Ants Out of My House

If you are having problems with ants then info over on this site is more ANT specific!

One interesting tip is that ants don't like Cinnamon

Only eat while hovering over your sink

Yes you read that correctly. If you have a MAJOR bug problem you should only eat while hovering over your sink. This way you can wash down any crumbs that may have fallen. Little bugs LOVE crumbs. If there are no crumbs there will be no bugs!

You could always buy a new house!

If there are bugs invading then just go buy a new house that doesn't have bugs...

This will work unless those bugs follow you... tricky bugs....


Eat, Eat, Eat the bugs!

No don't actually eat the bugs!

Y'all should get you some birds!

Now, don't go to the pet store.
Instead, buy some bird feeders and attract them to your yard for FREE! (or almost free lol ;)

The birds will eat the bugs because they are predators!

Another intersting way to keep out the bugs

You could try you some diatomaceous Earth, now what the crap is that? Its chopped up little bitty fossilized water plants. It is 100% ecologically safe to the environment and non-poisonous to man and beast. I hear they even use this stuff in bisquick as a means of natural, poison-free, insect control. How does this stuff work? It slices up the poor buggers exoskeleton and then they bleed to death... poor buggers.

This stuff is safe if you eat it (food grade)! But you don't want to breath it or it will cause lung problems!!!! USE A MASK!!!!!!!!!

So get yourself some diatomaceous earth and sprinkle that crap around!

Inventive ways to keep the pests out!

One creative way is to get you some chickens!!!

Why? cause them chickens like to eat bugs!

If the chickens are eating bugs, then they aren't getting in your house!